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Whizdom 101

Bangkok, Thailand

Type:  Mixed-Use (Office, Residential, Retail, Sports Club)

Size:  344,000 sqm

Client:  Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC)


  • Best Mixed-Use Developement (Asia Pacific Property Awards)

  • Smart Cities-Clean Energy Award (Thailand Energy Ministry)

  • Third Place in Sustainability (AEC Excellence Awards)

The project encompasses three high-rise condominium towers, a retail center, a sports club, and, notably, office buildings that eventually became the prestigious home of True Digital Park. Under Norrasid's leadership at Gensler, the team embarked on the development of a bold concept—creating the first-of-its-kind master-planned mixed-use urban neighborhood. The project's core values revolve around community, learning, smart living, work, and play, ultimately establishing the first smart urban neighborhood in Bangkok.

The initial concept revolved around the idea of a large-scale "third place," which was further refined and evolved into a vibrant and thriving community. In this innovative neighborhood, all the various program functions seamlessly interact and integrate, fostering a cohesive environment where residents can live, work, and play harmoniously.

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