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True Digital Park, now open for public as it continues to win International Design Awards.

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

(Content from press release / published on 4 February 2019)

True Digital Park has now opened its lifestyle space, maintaining its stance as the global destination for digital enthusiasts. True Digital Park is the Largest Innovation Hub in Southeast Asia and the First and only One of its kind in Thailand. The facility seamlessly addresses the requirements of modern lifestyles and working environments under the concept of “Digital Lifestyle– Connecting Possibilities”.

Ms. Nicha Srisanguansakul, SVP of Commercial & Retail at MQDC – Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited, said that the company continuously expands its business in different ways to meet lifestyle needs under a philosophy of ‘For All Well-Being’. On 1 February 2019, “101 The Third Place @ True Digital Park” will launch as a complete lifestyle complex within the True Digital Park project. The mixed-use project supports work, life, and leisure and hosts events such as its launch collaboration with CAT Radio on the "101 Love" festival to celebrate the month of love.

"101 The Third Place is a lifestyle complex within Bangkok's integrated True Digital Park project,” said Ms Srisanguansakul. “We expect the complex to be Bangkok’s new happiness destination, standing out through how it incorporates retail space with nature and technology, creating the perfect space for everyday life for new-generation urbanites, connecting all activities of life. This is Thailand’s first ‘Third Place’, a favorite place where people spend the most time after home and work, and a lifestyle complex that urbanites can enjoy throughout the day, with an area of 40,000 square meters, complete with restaurants, shops, services, facilities, exercise areas, and over 5,000 square meters of green space for leisure, family, and pets as well as events, enhancing the quality of urban life and contributing to the surrounding area.

“For the launch of the project on 1 February 2019, we have collaborated with CAT Radio on ‘101 Love’. The new happiness area for Bangkokians is spreading happiness with the music festival on 1-17 February with 38 famous artists such as ModernDog, ‘Stamp’ Apiwat, Paradox, Burin Boonvisut, 9x9, and activities under a 360-degree love theme, with joyful decorations. In a special promotion with retail partners, shoppers who spend over 500 baht get a chance to win prizes totaling over 2 million baht from 18 January to 28 April 2019 (101 days). A restaurant promotion will give customers 101 baht, sharing happiness and an opportunity to access restaurants in the retail area. The company will also organize promotional activities throughout the year to attract customers to join events and use the service continuously.

“To be fully integrated with the digital world, we’re meeting the needs of the new generation with the ‘One-O-One’ app, an application that will let users accumulate points, receive news, and take up promotions, including joining activities at the touch of a finger via a high-speed internet network for unlimited freedom in the digital world.”

Mr. Thanasorn Jaidee, President of True Digital Park, said: “True Digital Park has today opened its ‘101 The Third Place @ True Digital Park’, a lifestyle-driven space which is one of the key areas in project. This area will fully support digitized modern lifestyles with modern shops and services on a prime location on Sukhumvit Road. Fulfilling all aspects of digital lifestyles under the concept of ‘Digital Lifestyle – Connecting Possibilities’, the space combines space for work and daily life within one integrated community. True Digital Park will become the global destination that meets the needs of startups and people with digital lifestyles. It is also the largest innovation hub in Southeast Asia.”

“101 The Third Place @ True Digital Park” features facilities and shops to serve all dimensions of daily life with 3 main areas:

101 Park: Integrated throughout the interior and exterior of 101 The Third Place are 3 rai (5,000 square meters) of green space (to be completed in 2020). A rooftop farm and gardens will have native plants growing in harmony with the environment to restore the original ecosystem to the surrounding area. A large lawn can be converted into an activity space for visitors to watch performances and relax among shady trees, like in a public park in one of the world’s big cities.

Hillside Town: More than just a row of shops, this retail space offers an exclusive experience of shopping and dining with the atmosphere of a small town in a valley. Explore lifestyle shops and food outlets tucked away in alleyways. This zone offers everything from casual bistros to chic stores and fine-dining restaurants for special occasions.

24-Hour Street: Because city life never pauses, 101 The Third Place @ True Digital Park lets young professionals live without limits. This sleepless road offers restaurants, cafés, and convenience stores to serve them through the night. The Japan International Property Awards 2018 awarded the project its Best Mix-Integrated Development and Best Township trophies. The complex also won the BCI Asia Top 10 Award, which is considered an important award in architecture and real estate for architects and property companies that perform outstandingly and influence the sector’s development.


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