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Ngamwongwarn 23: 

Nonthaburi, Thailand

Type:  Mixed-Use (Retail, Office)

Size:  1,700 sqm

Client:  Restory

Client asked if it is even possible to create a commercially viable and vibrant space with sufficient parking on a tiny (912 sqm) odd triangular shape plot of land. We, NC Architects, took on the challenge and proved that, YES, it is possible.


Inspired by the idea that human connectivity is the key to a stronger community, NC Architects help client re-imagine their initial development program and create a new F&B destination for the neighborhood, where different communities can come dine, socialize, and connect. Our intention is to bring about a sense of community, while providing an attractive and a commercially viable rental space.


We want to create a good balance of indoor and outdoor F&B experience. A comfortable, weather protected, outdoor terrace is provided allowing people to become part of the urban fabric. Such an outdoor space also needs to be buffered from the buzzling street and automobile. We raised the main outdoor terrace up to second level, while maintaining strong connectivity to ground level physically and visually. The parking is highly accessible, but is yet hidden out of sight from the key areas. 3rd floor office space is shaped for maximum agility, natural light, views, as well as a nice transition between indoor and outdoor. 

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