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Boat Avenue Plaza: 

A New Destination in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

Type:  Mixed-Use (Retail, Residential, Hotel)

Size:  24,000 sqm

Client:  Boat Pattana

One week after NC Architects opened its door, we won the contract to design this 24,000 sqm mixed-use project in Phuket. The project consists of commercial retail, residential, and hotel. We challenge the way low-rise commercial condominium (or so called “shop house”) is designed throughout Thailand and help our client re-imagine what it could be. The site is located in an area flooded with private properties with limited public space. We see this as an opportunity to create value commercially and help improve the urban fabric by creating a new and the only town square in the neighborhood. This will be a pedestrian friendly public space, where people can come, enjoy, interact, and be part of the community. Every building, retail units, various programmatic functions as well as vehicle circulations and parking are strategically crafted to ensure that key commercial areas will be vibrant and car-free.

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